Pastoral / Landscape  Maniere Blanche Etchings Sketchbook
Alex Zwarenstein is one of our foremost painters in his use of perspective, and his work is sought-after by discerning collectors worldwide.

Zwarenstein and his work have been featured in several documentary films including a National Geographic documentary "Water Towers of New York," and his paintings have graced the covers of numerous magazines both in the United States and in Europe.

His work has been commissioned not only for the New York Stock Exchange, but also for CEOs of Shell, Hitachi, Bristol Myers Squibb and others.

Alex has exhibited globally with frequent solo shows in New York, and Japan. His work is represented in many important public, corporate and private collections.

Over the past twenty years Zwarenstein has taught linear perspective at institutions such as the National Academy of Design, The Art Students League, and the School of Visual Arts.

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It is his cityscape, landscape and architectural paintings that brought Alex Zwarenstein’s work to public attention; among private collectors and in intimate corporate settings they have endured in popularity. Alex brings to each piece a technique that is reminiscent of Post Impressionist painter, Paul Cezanne; a 'broken color' technique, an accumulation of small brushstrokes coalescing into a rich variety of color and surface textures that help define a slightly surreal vision of pastoral and urban landscapes.


Maniere Blanche is a technique pioneered by Maurice Utrillo, and developed over the years by artists working in a variety of styles. The technique itself involves painting and etching into a ground of titanium white. Alex has used it in the development of his gently surreal compositions. The technique allows him to draw from imagination, and to improvise complex narratives. These works, often large, have found their way into corporate board rooms, homes, and lobbies around the world

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